Elektronik Lab: Enabling Tracking and Management of Assets in Real-time

CIO Vendor Globally, fleet management industry is progressing and paving a way to improve operational efficiency, enhance safety, and optimize real-time fleet tracking and monitoring. As fleet management can be described as an art of managing all that moves in the air or on the sea and road, finding a proficient partner who offers advanced solutions to track anything while concentrating on safety and security of fleets, will become a challenge to enterprises. Paying attention to the concept “track anything”, Chennai headquartered Elektronik Lab India Pvt Ltd crosses the threshold of fleet management industry as a satellite and terrestrial based fleet management technology provider to help aviation, marine and vehicle operators track and manage their assets in real-time. “Today, we can probably claim to be amongst very few companies in the world which can provide fleet management solutions for all land vehicles, global shipping and fishing vessels or for that matter anything on water, fixed wing or rotary wing aircrafts including drones or flying car”, affirms Nanda Kumar Krishnan, CEO of Elektronik Lab India Pvt Ltd. Its fleet management solutions comprises functions like vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver behavioral management, vehicle maintenance, theft management(stolen vehicle recovery),speed & braking monitors, fuel management and security/safety management.

According to Mr. Nanda,“Being a technology-focused company, we concentrate on connectivity, safety and security of vehicles, ships and aircrafts. We work with satellite majors such as Inmarsat & Orbcomm for remote management, and uses GPRS, VHF and LoRa technologies for local area fleet management.”As internet connectivity becomes more stable and fast nowadays, optimizes this opportunity to develop custom products for fleet management. Route planning,turn-by-turn
guidance, way point management alerts are some of the features of its every products. Additionally, these products consist of panic alert button to advice people for monitoring if they are threatened by imminent danger.

Being a technology focused company, we concentrate on connectivity, safety and security of vehicles, ships and aircrafts

Elektronik Lab brings out its sophisticated tracking device for both fleet management and vehicle security named RoadVTS. “What makes RoadVTS stand out, is the extent of customization that we can do at short notice. Be it driver behavioral analysis or route breach, our “track anything” terrestrial fleet management software records and reports to designated mangers of the fleet” adds Mr. Nanda.

Certainly, fleet management concept of coastal waters has shifted from traffic monitoring to security monitoring. Perceiving requirements of a VHF based tracker which would work on SOTDMA architecture and can be pocket able, floatable, tamper proofed etc., Elektronik Lab offers vmsTrack as a tracking solution for ¬shipping vessels and other small crafts. This ideal solution for coastal fishing fleet tracking and management is now used for tracking fishing vessels in Porbandar, Gujarat. Besides, Elektronik Lab delivers “trackmyship”, a fleet management and tracking software, bundled with various features from the wish list of marine managers.

“We aim to be a global leader in the fleet management segment and enable transportation business to remove or minimize risk of cargo theft or loss of assets, improve efficiency and productivity, and provide analytics,” concludes Nanda Kumar Krishnan.