Numadic: A Fleet Tracking and Management Solution with Excellent ROI

CIO Vendor The adoption of vehicle and fleet tracking in India is growing rapidly as transporters recognize the value of technology to improve their operations. Under pressure from newer logistics startups that have raised tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, older generation Indian transporters and fleet owners are now turning to the next generations of GPS tracking and fleet management to stay competitive.

Unlike older fleet tracking solutions, new generation players like Numadic go far beyond locations and offer efficient time management, minimal vehicle investment risk, route optimization and optimized productivity are some of the listed benefits that make the implementation of such solutions compelling.

Enterprises are seeking out fleet management solution providers but the task at hand to locate a vendor that can provide a high return on investment (ROI) is arduous. Ultimately, organizations aim for a vendor that reduces operating expenses and increases worker productivity. Engineering their own products, Numadic,a British company with Indian operations headquartered in Goa, ensure their futuristic solutions deliver optimum ROI while ensuring cost efficiency.

“We have what is possibly the best designed and priced telematics product in the country because we engineer our product from scratch, for the Indian market’s unique needs. We pride ourselves in having a loyal customer base so we do not mind that our pricing is not very aggressive,” reveals Luke Sequeira, Founder and CEO, Numadic Ltd.

Specializing in Telematics, Fleet Tracking, Logistics Tracking, GPS Tracking, Remote Sensing, Cold Chain Tracking, and Supply Chain Tracking, Numadic, one of the leading fleet management solution providers has gained accelerated prominence in the Indian market. Delving deeper into what the company has to offer, the vehicle and fleet management system comprises of all the core functionalities
that the Indian transportation sector requires. It permits location detection for trucks and trailers, tracks unauthorized usage, prevents theft and estimates the time of arrival. In essence, one can manage vehicle trips on the operating system itself, reducing the number of miles driven and the amount of time the trucks spend on the road. These cost saving efficiencies are achieved through route optimization and delivery optimization. The system even assesses the time of the day convenient to commence a journey based on traffic; enabling customers to better strategize. Simultaneously, the system proffers asset management to consolidate track records, obtain servicing alerts, insurance and pollution certificate renewals, and so on. “So the asset life is longer, asset utilization is higher but the asset wear and tear is lower with every factor that could result in damage to the vehicle being monitored,” affirms Luke.

We have what is possibly the best designed and priced telematics product in the country because we engineer our product from scratch, for the Indian market’s unique needs

In conjunction with this offering, the company extends its services towards container tracking solutions for complete visibility of the customer’s assets and consignments; detecting real-time anomalies. These robust portable supply chain trackers boast of being completely waterproof and weather resistant. The same device can be reused after the trip is completed.

Believing India has significant scope and opportunity for growth, Numadic has strategically poised itself to continue to focus on the Indian market for the next two years, designing and deploying best in class solutions. As one of the dominant players in the telematics industry, the company with its industry rich experience intends to spread out globally in coming years.