Purple Global Services and Technologies: Boosting the Transport Ecosystem with Customizable Location

CIO Vendor With the road network getting stronger and better, fleet management will play a very essential and vital role permitting companies relying on transportation to eliminate or minimize the risks related to vehicle investment, improving productivity and reducing overall transportation costs and delivering100 percent compliance with the government legislation. Additionally, it is predicted that fleet management will increasingly play a vital role in the insurance and recovery sector as well; using specific criterion set reports that can be evaluated and analyzed for insurance claims. But, this sector too comes with its own set of unique challenges with the topmost being information overload, management of geographically dispersed team, scalability, unauthorized use of assets and ensuring complete utilization of assets. Understanding and overcoming these challenges, Mumbai-based Purple Global Services and Technologies comes to the fore with their innovative and robust telematics and telemetry solutions for vehicle tracking, dispatch & monitoring system filtering unnecessary information with customized reports while boosting productivity, improving efficiencies and saving cost. Customers have witnessed an approximate 30 percent increase in capabilities and productivity post implementation of Purple Global’s comprehensive suite of services.

Incepted in 2011, Purple Global caters to a gamut of renowned customers with a wide reach across India, Far East, Middle East and Africa. Working with other industry players in these regions, the company offers their robust platform to companies. The company with their highly adept team of professionals facilitates government and private sector organizations with Purple Fleet Management, Purple Track, Purple Dispatch and Eagle platform available under their umbrella of services that they have to offer. With improvement of cellular coverage – Purple bring to India, Middle East and Africa for
the 1st time, capabilities to record and Monitor online videos that captures on cameras installed in The vehicle. This also provides additional security to people, goods and services being transported.

Incepted in 2011, Purple Global caters to a gamut of renowned customers with a wide reach across India, Far East, Middle East and Africa

The Purple Fleet Management server software is claimed to be the heart of the system. Offering a plethora of benefits like virtual elimination of unauthorized vehicle and equipment use by employees, improved driver productivity, rapid ROI, vehicle security, reduced insurance costs and maintenance costs, maximized vehicle use and improved customer service, have been listed in their inventory. Additionally, mobility is a key component in fleet management in maximizing flexibility and keeping customers on the move. Recognizing this, Purple Global proffers a plethora of GPS Tracking Devices used to locate persons, vehicles, devices and equipments assuring no compromise on quality.

Catering to a strong customer base in the aforementioned regions, Purple Global with their industry rich experience envisages increasing the global footprint and extending their services across an additional number of countries. Sonal Abbi, Director, Purple Global reveals that their plans to achieve their goal in the span of the next five years is by largely focusing on Africa and the Middle East. The company intends to continue to maintain a strong foothold in these regions through forged partnerships that are currently working to deliver the company’s impeccable services through their strong customer base.