VAVE Microtech: Providing a Holistic Solution for Logistics Operators

CIO Vendor Logistics accounts for 13 percent of Indian GDP whereas developed economies like the USA only contribute a mere 7 percent. However, assuming this as a sign of development would be misleading. This implies inefficiency and higher cost per ton of cargo that is transported. Majority of the players in the industry are waking up to this realization and are trying to improve the efficiency of their processes. The need to drive optimum loads for better profitability is pushing the logistics operators to keep track of the vehicles. This is where GPS tracking solution providers come into the picture. Gurgaon headquartered VAVE Microtech has incorporated features like Geo-fencing, Remote Engine Immobilization, Multi-format Reports and client specific customization into their GPS tracking product Happy Fleet. VAVE aims to be a one-stop solution for the logistics industry.

VAVE is an emerging player in the fleet management market. The company has already installed more than 5000 devices and has a strong channel partner all over India.“VAVE is in the business of providing a holistic solution to the problems of the logistics sector via constant development and evolution of the tracking solution and invaluable third party partnerships which bring inimitable services and features to the fore,” elaborates Anil Kumar, MD and CTO, VAVE Microtech. The internal technical team at VAVE is currently working on integrating telematics and IoT into their tracking products.

Happy Fleet understands that the role of a fleet manager isn’t easy. A fleet manager is required to maximize the profitability and productivity of the vehicles available to him. He must be aware of the location, capacity, current load and the health of the vehicle.“VAVE is working towards building an ecosystem for the logistics operators that not only offers vehicle tracking but also focuses on vehicle and driver analytics, driver comfort, driver safety and transporter profitability mechanisms like reverse logistics, route optimization, optimum
vehicle loading, etc. With an internal IT team,VAVE is very nimble in adapting to the changing requirements of the logistics sector,”remarks Anil. Access to such information parameters of the vehicle enables the fleet manager to determine the health of the vehicle and any fuel pilferage that may be happening.

VAVE is an emerging player in the fleet management market. The company has already installed more than 5000 devices and has a strong channel partner all over India

The integrated tracking solution by VAVE makes it impossible to manipulate the data of device. The fleet managers have access to true data which along with empirical data from the previous trips across vehicles can allow the fleet manager to detect fuel pilferage, poor vehicle health or ineffective driving habits leading to unjustified fuel consumption. VAVE also offers remote engine immobilization which allows fleet managers to remotely disable the ignition when the situation warrants.

VAVE’s state of the art fleet management systems offers facilities that allow clients to integrate information seamlessly into their backend ERP and accounting platforms.

In five years, VAVE endeavors to be one of the best tracking solutions available in the market. It wants to evolve a solution for each level of the market right from simple location trackers to advanced solutions incorporating telematics, OBD and IoT.

The company envisions creating a consolidated solution ecosystem for the logistics and transportation sector with applications in the B2C space too.