NDOT: Real - Time Visibility to Overcome Complexities and Geographical Constraints

CIO Vendor The logistics and transportation industry at large poses new challenges with each new industrial revolution. With businesses going online, the customer demands have hit a record breaking high. Amidst this, businesses’ ordeal is to keep meeting the customer demands without getting embroiled in challenges that logistics throws. With over ten years of experience in the field of transportation, Coimbatore based NDOT Technologies has closely experienced the challenges that plague the businesses. Having worked with global customers across the Transportation ecosystem, the company became aware of the interdependent processes within the landscape.The amalgamation of the transportation industry know how and NDOT’s technical expertise resulted in the inception of MoveX.

NDOT’s journey commenced with the inception of a dispatching platform that focused on the taxi industry. Constant interaction with fleet managers from multiple domains enlightened NDOT about the needs in the transportation and logistics industry as a whole. Following this, the next turn of events led the technocrats of NDOT to look towards logistics visibility and fleet management solution, thereby giving way to the introduction of MoveX.

360 Degree Visibility
MoveX is a connected intelligence platform designed to enable visibility across the multi layered processes of the transportation and logistics industry. The end-to-end platform encompasses fleet management and maintenance capabilities where businesses can handle everything from shipment dispatching to realtime tracking, route planning, fleet maintenance, and asset safety. Businesses can gain realtime visibility that can be shared with the shippers, customers and concerned partners for improving transparency and better experience across the logistics channel. MoveX provides a comprehensive glance to help businesses understand where their shipments are, how their fleets are being utilized,and what can be done to achieve better efficiency. The fleet
management technology provides AI powered smart dispatching to match shipments to the payload for faster turn arounds and ontime deliveries. Also, businesses can inspect vehicles before the driver takes the road, plan maintenance schedule and resolve issues for preventing costly downtime, all from a single platform. MoveX focuses on helping businesses attain improved vehicle utilization,better cost efficiency, and enhanced safety. The amalgamation of realtime visibility, automated operations, and data analytics allows businesses to gain a 360 degree view of the processes. Where optimized routes, driver behaviour monitoring and regular vehicle maintenance helps in minimizing fuel expenditure, smart analytics helps in identifying utilization opportunities. Also, using analytical reports, businesses can draw insights to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve cost savings.

MoveX focuses on helping businesses attain improved vehicle utilization, better cost-efficiency, and enhanced safety

A leading national daily newspaper follows a strategic logistics process that links its publishing centers to its various distribution hubs, district agents and last mile delivery channel. MoveX helped the client to gain complete visibility across its logistic channel, right from the publishing center to the final dropoffs. With smart dispatching and geofencing, the daily newspaper was able to handle multiple pickup & dropoffs and synchronized processes at the loading docks. Using the MoveX platform, the newspaper giant can now enforce driver accountability and ensure ontime, region wide distribution.

NDOT is further looking into improving its solutions to accommodate the changing transportation landscape, i.e. electric and autonomous vehicles. With strong technical expertise, the platform will penetrate the global market using innovative features, including predictive analytics and video telematics.