EcoCosmo: Simplifying GPS Vehicle Tracking

CIO Vendor Vehicle tracking is becoming a vital part of many industries and is no longer limited to logistics only. With GPS enabled devices, organizations have at their disposal a clear picture of the transport operations which keeps them well informed. AIS 140 GPS devices have become mandatory for new transport vehicles, and will soon be applicable to old vehicles as well. “As far as GPS Vehicle tracking devices market is concerned, the old vehicle market is very huge as all the existing Non-AIS140 devices will be replaced by AIS140 devices. Market will be at its peak for a minimum of two years when AIS 140 will start for old vehicles,” says Virendra Dhabale, CoFounder & CEO, EcoCosmo GPS Pvt. Ltd.

EcoCosmo, headquartered in Pune, provides easy to use UI applications and generic meaningful and useful basic reports. The solutions have been built from the ground up, utilizing continuous feedback from end users from all domains. As ease-of use is the most important attribute of a vehicle tracking solution, EcoCosmo pays due attention to it while developing its solutions. “Most of the fleet owners have the traditional business of transportation. They always prefer to have easy to use basic software and alerts. EcoCosmo’s software applications are easy to understand and scalable to support 10 lakh+ GPS devices on a single server cluster,” adds Virendra. The company focuses on scalability, accuracy, APIs and better cost for vehicle tracking system software. It also promotes third parties to use GPS vehicle system data through API in their applications.

EcoCosmo software also suits the need of advanced users with more detailed and specific reports according to domain. In order to fulfill the expectations of B2B customers with regard to downtime and on-demand live tacking, the company focuses on quality and uses the Amazon cloud to
guarantee zero downtime. Moreover, while its competitors generally provide last 3 months reports, EcoCosmo provides the basic useful reports of last 1 to 2 year duration. In addition, most companies have multiple servers with each server supporting thousands of devices, which causes issue of merging of fleets in a single account. EcoCosmo Software is designed in such a way that only one server will be visible to end users even if lakhs of devices are live. EcoCosmo software is designed to support multiple manufacturers’ devices on same platform so that the end user need not bother which GPS device is connected to the vehicle. “All GPS device types have exactly same features on software application. We support almost 90 percent manufacturers’ devices’ protocols on our platform. It hardly takes a day to support or integrate new manufacturers’ device to software,” says Virendra.

EcoCosmo’s software applications are easy to understand and are compatible with web, Android and iOS as well

Talking of the current market, Virendra says, “As far as end users are concerned, there are two types of market in GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution. One is value for money market. In this market, cost is major factor and quality is compromised. Vehicle location and few reports are enough. Therein Chinese software has maximum market share of up to 50 percent. EcoCosmo is targeting this market and competing with Chinese software in terms of cost. EcoCosmo is looking at around 50 percent market share in next two years with better quality. Other market is corporate market where quality matters. EcoCosmo has a premium software application for that.”

EcoCosmos plans to introduce Chatbots for technical support and better payment gateway options in next quarter. And a new product with OBD is slated to be launched by second quarter of 2020.