Expedien: Manoeuvring the Curvature of Fleet Management

CIO Vendor Fleet management has revolutionized transport facility for public and organizations who provide services like logistics, import export and for service providers in the travel sector. Fleet management solution by Expedien gives the ability to remotely monitor vehicles with its GPS tracking system. Expedien’s GPS tracking system covers every dimension of fleet management, from tracking vehicles, ensuring passenger safety, route guidance and control, time schedule, to re fuelling and fuel usage, engine performance and also optimizing the operational cost for the transit process.

Based out of San Antonio, with an Indian office in Noida, Expedien has been delivering their fleet management solution to a plethora of industries in India. With its Chairman, Ashish Dwivedi, Expedien is significantly speeding up to provide a global fleet management solution. The company delivers ERP and Fleet management solution since its establishment in 2003. Expedien also avails a range of solutions in a several other domains like Education, Healthcare, GIS Projects, and Forest etc.

A Comprehensive Transport Solution
Expedien is making a ground breaking advancement in the field of fleet management through its custom made transportation solution. The company’s Vehicle tracking system with specified GPS/GSM tracking solution provides an end to end system that brings both the public transport and carrier fleet management under one roof. GPS as its primary element covers every aspect of transportation management on ground and Inhouse premises. It tracks the Geo-body door so that vehicles do not take unprecedented routes while clearly showing all active vehicles visible on the map. The GPS system embedded by Expedien tracks the live location of the vehicles, its fuel consumption, details of the stops and routes taken. In case of any misguided or any unprecedented route taken,an instant alarm notifies the driver on the respective device to re route. Expediens’ vehicle tracking system also suggests ways for passengers to reach their destination on scheduled time without causing any delay and reduces the operational cost for the same transit by taking care of drivers’ basic needs.

For the Public Transport segment, Expedien offers a public transportation
system enabled with GPS and RFID (Radio frequency Identification). The system clears the ticketing issue in public transport by counting the number of passengers present with a live camera. The setup also facilitates a panic button to ensure top notch security of the passengers by deploying every modern component in the commute. All of this is constantly monitored by a central command & control centre. More so, Expedien’s Integrated University Management System (IUMS), is a transportation solution for education institute that manages official vehicles for lecturers and students.

Expedien is making a ground breaking advancement in the field of fleet management through its custom made transportation solution

Building an Easy Transportation Network Across India
Expedien is an organized player in the field of transportation management and is working towards delivering a state wide transportation solution for rural & urban areas and metropolitan cities in India where multi mode transport is available. In the near future, Expedien team is bringing in a simplified transportation solution for India, discarding the routine transportation process like ticketing, travel time schedule, daily passes and other transportation related touch points. Expedien has good eye for the pain points of the fleet management and transport industry. Accordingly, the company is determined to troubleshoot it with its GPS satellite tracking device via a mobile app, thus helping the on boarding fellow passengers to take a safe and a happy journey to their desired destination.

Along with Fleet Management, Expedien delivers some remarkable offerings in the following domains:
•Education- Expedien e-solutions is one of the largest e-governance/ERP providers for universities in India
•Health Care Citizen Health Management and specialization in Ayush Institutions
•GIS Projects- Diverse and specialize applications
•Forest-For State Forest Corporations and Monetization of Forest Produce