PLVM: Simplified Parking for the Cities of Tomorrow

CIO Vendor Driving across the city, and sometimes kilometres at a stretch from the actual point of visit, looking for a parking space is part of daily life for people living and working in cities and major towns. At the same time, inconvenient time stealer for individuals and the anxiety it brings a contributor to stress levels. Besides, pollution is already an issue of concern, and we don’t want more mobile vehicles loitering around the city contributing to the pollution. Smart parking solutions are moving up the smart cities’ agenda and according to Research and Markets the market is poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 4.9 per cent over the next decade, to reach approximately USD 1461.52 million by 2025. Based out of Mumbai, PLVM offers a parking management system designed and built from the drawing board to the final delivery. The system provides maximum security and reliability, with complete access to data management. It is designed in a way to meet the needs of on street parking as well as access to controlled parking areas. The system is a comprehensive system comprising the parking sensors, gateways, revenue management, and central software for administrative reporting & analytics. PLVM is the abbreviation for Parking Lot & Vehicle Management System. PLVM has been devising car park automation solutions for the past 3 years. The company designs and produces advanced systems for automatic management of all types of car parks offering end to end services.

“We have tried to keep it as simple as possible for the users to spend little time worrying about parking and more time executing their other important tasks”, says Abhimanyu Yadav, CEO, PLVM.
From Search to Book to Pay
More over, works are underway to include an API to enable users to book their parking space while making bookings for movies through online booking portals. PLVM own the hardware, mobile application and the device as well. All these are hosted on their android application that is hosted on the HDFC bank’s device. Using the application, user can search the nearest available parking space and make the booking. More so, for the parking providers, the company provides an application using which the merchant can view the daily earnings with real time reporting of each vehicle.

PLVM’s mission is to remain motivated and go beyond their limitations to improve the parking scenario in major metropolitan cities

Also, the information on number of vehicles currently parked at a given time can be obtained through a centralized system. The company also facilitates rechargeable smart cards which can be used for instant on spot parking booking payments.

PLVM’s mission is to remain motivated and go beyond their limitations to improve the parking scenario in major metropolitan cities. The company’s creative think tank and development team does this by creating ground breaking and sustainable features that produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders. With such fascinating application and goal in place, PLVM is showing promises to make create a ripple in the parking domain for Smart cities.