Promise 2 Secure: Delivering Customizable Fleet Management And Vehicle Tracking Solutions

CIO Vendor According to a report by Frost and Sullivan on growth opportunities in the Automotive and Transportation industry, GPS based fleet management systems help to improve the fleet productivity by 10-15 percent and vehicle utilization by 15-20 percent and reduce the fuel consumption by 20-25 percent, thereby enhancing the overall vehicle performance and minimizing the operational costs. Realizing the potential of technological advancements, transportation companies today are trying to equip their vehicles with advanced fleet management systems which not only track the vehicle location but also enable real-time monitoring of key parameters such as speed, fuel management, vehicle performance etc. However, they are hindered in their attempts to equip their vehicles with technology owing to lack of customized solutions that suit their specific requirements and business needs. This is where Sastra Creations Pvt. Ltd., a Nepal based company came forward by delivering completely customizable solutions to help vehicle owners track, monitor and control their vehicles in real-time, astra Creations Pvt. Ltd. claims to be first company in Nepal to develop software itself in Nepal and sell it in abroad countries like India, Bhutan, Australia & Canada.

End-to-end Solutions to Enhance Vehicle Efficiency
Promise 2 Secure provides end-to-end cloud based fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking solutions enabling businesses to enhance operational efficiency, reduce the costs and improve their ROI. The company of fers comprehensive solutions with key features right from routing and scheduling to remote fleet management which can be implemented in areas of Automobile Industry, Delivery Companies, Financial Institutions and Banks, School and Public Buses, Vehicle Rental Services, Industries and Factories, Waste Management Services, Emergency Vehicles etc. “As opposed to many vendors in the market who offer a single solution for
every need, we provide customizable solutions that range from basic and medium to advanced levels as per the client’s requirements, enabling vehicle owners to add more value to their business. Our end-to-end solutions which include fleet management system, GPS based vehicle tracking system and mobile applications help vehicle owners reduce vehicle operating costs, optimize the fuel management, eliminate employee fraud, improve vehicle utilization, reduce the downtime of field employees and manage field forces effectively,” elaborates Binamra Dhakal, Founder of Promise 2 Secure about their customizable solutions.

As opposed to many vendors in the market who offer a single solution for every need, we provide customizable solutions that range from basic and medium to advanced levels as per the client’s requirements

White Labelled Products To Promote Branding
To help clients promote their brand and business in this competitive market, the company offers white labelled fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking solutions. The SaaS based solutions delivered by the company eliminate the need to deploy huge hardware for businesses and allow them to leverage technology with minimal investments. Promise 2 Secure’s mobile application which is available both on iOS and Android platforms provide business owners with critical information that is required to effectively manage the fleet from remote locations.

With specific focus on the South East Asian market, the company offers services to its clients spread across Nepal, India and Bhutan. “Currently, we are engaged in developing GPS based solutions for our clients in India, Nepal and Bhutan along with order management and delivery management systems for a client in Canada,” concludes Binamra Dhakal.