Sedots Info Technologies: Tracking Fleet Management Landscape Under Technological Advancements

CIO Vendor The adoption of machine learning, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT) has been on the rise, paving the way for intelligent telematics and smarter fleet management. Founded by a team of IIT and IIM alumni, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified SEDOTS Info Technologies has provided products and solutions in many verticals, fleet management being one of the primary ones. Locate VTS, is one of its fleet management products which is comprehensive one stop solution for all fleet managers. It is not just a vehicle tracking system but also an asset management solution and vehicle health monitoring system.

Safe and Secure Services
Based out of Hyderabad, SEDOTS provides Locate VTS as their fleet management product offering a range of services for the entire fleet management industry while gaining ample experience in it. The services include real time truck tracking, school bus tracking, fuel monitoring, anti theft alert systems, goods distribution management and taxi management. While working for different industries, Locate VTS ensures to strictly meet the customers’ requirements. In real time truck tracking, it provides real time vehicle tracking to the entire fleet. This service helps clients to know the current position of their vehicles on maps with vehicles’ current status. Secondly, Locate VTS helps to keep fuel costs down and profits up. It helps fleets to manage fuel consumption, vehicle performance, driver behavior, generate reports and scorecards on fuel costs. Locate VTS also offers maximum protection against vehicle theft. Visual warning signals attract the attention of passersby and deter potential thieves. Additionally, Locate VTS is also an integrated child & school bus tracking and monitoring solution that ensures children's safety and security while they travel to school and back.
Moreover, SEDOTS performs these services with the help of features provided in the Locate VTS app. Locate VTS provides various rich customizable MIS reports in graphical and text formats. The real time tracking is done over phone on company’s mobile app. It provides customizable SMS alerts regarding location, crossing geo fence, and destination etc. The software also has unlimited custom locations where one can track in different locations. Primarily, Locate VTS’ strength is to customize and integrate services according to their customers’ need which is also the key to SEDOTS’ success.

Having such efficient features in fleet services, SEDOTS through Locate VTS has provided benefits to one to the largest poultry Supply Chain Company in south India. The client has 100 vehicles which transport poultry. These vehicles travel six hours daily carry poultry. The problem was that the chicks needed water in every three hours. To maintain their transportation, Locate VTS provided them the app where they can monitor their poultry, check water system for their poultry, and map the vehicle route etc. The company has even catered clients in payment industry and in government institutes. This has fetched SEDOTS, deeper integration & relationship with clients and Locate VTS is able to expand fast in the Indian transport space and is promised to increase from 10,000 vehicles to 100,000 vehicles this year. Besides, from technological and system integration point of view, SEDOTS also intends to look into vehicle health parameter which can incorporated with IoT and AI for more hassle-free vehicle tracking.