VoxTrail: Providing Tracking Solutions with Commendable Support

CIO Vendor The global GPS market is estimated to attain a worth of USD 2.72 billion growing at 14.42 percent CAGR by 2023. The benefits associated with the use of GPS tracker device includes decreased labour cost and improved customer service. GPS industry stretches to much more than that and solves the problems that are common among all the organizations. The major expectation from a Vehicle Tracking Solution provider is to check the driver behavior while driving, following the assigned route, fuel theft and asset tracking. These are the problems for which VoxTrail is providing solutions to different industries.

VoxTrail provides Vehicle Tracking Solution to businesses all over the nation. The market share of the company ranges from north to south and from east to west with clients located in more than 20 states. VoxTrail provides basic tracking device which is used for 2 wheelers and cars, however, products offered by Voxtrail are not only capable of tracking and marking attendance of kids in school but they can also manage the employees of an organization.

VoxTrail makes sure that their clients are never dissatisfied and measures are taken if any kind of problem occurs. A 24/7 support system is ready to listen to the customers and provide them with the solution as soon as possible. Considering the fact that quality of product and services provided after purchase is always a key, Voxtrail ensures that its products are available at a reasonable price in the market and the quality of the product is good.
Fuel consumption, route management, driver performance and vehicle maintenance are major concerns for any fleet owner. The biggest problems faced by the fleet owners are time wastage and sudden diversion resulting in the damage of perishable goods.

Products offered by Voxtrail are not only capable of tracking and marking attendance of kids in school but they can also manage the employees of an organization

Robbery, theft and hijacking of the vehicles put the high value assets at critical risk. To solve such problem, Voxtrail offers an asset tracker to track the exact location of the as¬set. This way customers can sit comfortably on the couch and track their assets. VoxTrail also offers a camera that is installed inside the container and one can see the live feed anywhere anytime on the application installed on the customer’s cell phone. To make sure that goods are being delivered to the right person, various range of security measures are provided by VoxTrail Software Solutions.

Voxtrail is being led by Parveen Ranolia who is the Director of the company. VoxTrail’s journey has been smooth till now and the company has solved all the problems which came its way so far. “The biggest challenge has been to make people aware of the problems they have and that can be resolved using the technology and then convince them to opt for it. VoxTrail has been quite successful in this and we hope that we will continue to serve the society with the best,” says Parveen Ranolia.