Arya Omnitalk: Delivering a Field-Proven & Reliable AIS 140 GPS Device with a Time Tested Web Platform

CIO Vendor The global Fleet management market is anticipated to reach $54.05 billion by 2023. The major factor driving the growth of this sector is increasing government regulations, created to ensure the safety and efficiency of the transport system. “One such standard is AIS (Automotive Industry Standard) 140, GPS tracking unit mandated by government for all new and existing commercial vehicles. However, most of the states have not been able to implement this new standard for the existing commercial vehicles, already plying, because the state-wide control rooms have not yet comeup to receive emergency alert, the purpose for which the mandate was conceived. Therefore, the exponential growth anticipated by industry players has not materialized even for new commercial vehicles, which because of the economy slowing down, have witnessed a 45 percent decline, leaving many companies saddled with huge unsold inventories, as all their estimates went awry, making it a huge challenge,” explains Vipen Malhotra, President, Arya Omnitalk.

The GPS Industry continues to be still very fragmented, with a large number of local players pushing the price points down for both hardware and subscription charges. Anticipating a huge upsurge in demand, many companies obtained certifications from Government registered agencies like ARAI for their AIS 140 GPS unit without going through the due diligence of bulk field trials. Furthermore, the web platform offered has not been subjected to the rigor of handling tens of thousands of vehicles sending location updates every 15 seconds, with fleet management customers demanding a better than 99 percent platform uptime, which is likely to cause many unsuspecting customers to get disillusioned with the GPS industry when they rely only on a product certification in lieu of the solution being field-proven and reliable.

This is where Arya Omnitalk, one of India’s leading GPS Vehicle tracking service provider comes into the picture. The Pune based company offers
AUTOTRAX 65 – an AIS 140 Certified GPS device not only complying with the Government mandate, but field proven over nearly two decades! Together with its Fleet Vigil web platform, Arya Omnitalk offers a complete ecosystem of managing your fleet while automating your supply chain to move the productivity frontier forward, at the same time extending the life of your fleet, making roads safer and helping fleet owners earn more revenues at lower cost!

Together with its Fleet Vigil web platform, Arya Omnitalk offers a complete ecosystem of managing your fleet while automating your supply chain to move the productivity frontier forward

System Integration & Rapid Customisation
What makes Arya Omnitalk standout from the other players is their systems Integration expertise, product certifications (MIL 810 C/D/F, IP 65, EMI, AIS 140) including industry standard security of its web platform, ability to rapidly customize for ongoing innovation and value addition for the end customer and industry best uptime for both the hardware and the Fleet Vigil web platform. Arya Omnitalk’s latest offering of the E GPS Lock and implementation of large complex installations involving integration of multiple technologies in Mahanadi Coal Fields, Surat Smart City Solid Waste Management and Vadodara Smart City Integrated Transport Management System have earned it the reputation of India’s leading player in the Telematics & Intelligent Transportation space.

Milestones Achieved
“As a Telematics industry leader, we have completed over 100,000 installations of GPS units across industries such as Oil & Gas, Coal Mines, BPO Employee transportation, Hazardous Chemicals, Cash transportation, Electronic Toll Collection, Public Transport, Taxi Cabs, RMC, Public Safety & Smart City Integrated Transport Management and Solid Waste Management,” concludes Vipen.