Axestrack: Creating An Ecosystem Of All Things Logistics

CIO Vendor In the digital transformation age, logistics is undergoing a major shift. Technologies like AI, Big Data Analytics, and ML contribute to a rise in transformative and revolutionary tech-enablement in the logistics field. Now, more than in any industry, logistics had to face the brunt of the global pandemic. The horror of it is the fact that this industry comprises of mostly manual labor, i.e. drivers and warehouse labours/officials. While the global logistics solution industry focuses on streamlining the operations, Jaipur based Axestrack takes a ground zero approach to bring the logistics operation back on track. Axestrack is one of the most renowned brands in the Indian logistics business. With over 1,10,000+ commercial vehicles and with presence in more than 100+ cities, this company has come a long way from just being a Telematics Solution Provider to creating one of industry’s most trusted ‘Digital Enterprise Logistics Platform’.

Industry’s Most Trusted Digital Logistics Platform
Axestrack pioneered Indian transportation industry’s Digital Logistics Platform. The Digital Logistics Platform is modular in approach that can be leveraged as either one solution at a time or as a package by the customer. This flexibility and agility provided by the platform makes it unique in its offering. Further strengthening its capability is the ability to create an Enterprise Digital Thread. Enterprise Digital Thread, as the name signifies, carries digital data across different stakeholders and systems in an enterprise in a seamless manner. Once the customer enters the system, he would not have to leave it to perform any manual task. The platform enables the customer to create, transform and manage every piece of information of their logistics business, ‘digitally’.

“As part of our larger vision, we are here to make a digital connection between three key components of Supply Chain, Man, Machine and Material, and we are getting there with the help of our trusted partnerships with customers,” states Jagmeet Singh, CEO, Axestrack.

The digital connection is managed via four building blocks –

• Digital Customer: Mapping customer sentiments and outcomes digitally and derive great decisions. The customer set includes customer’s customer, partners, suppliers and others, thus covering all stakeholders in the ecosystem;

• Digital Persona: Creating digital profiles between driver, vehicles, route, and material;

• Digital Ops: Having a single window via Control Tower, powered by AI-driven traffic management system; and

• Digital Workforce: Mapping employee, asset and material movements within shop floor, plant, warehouse and so on.

Going Beyond the Contemporary Logistics Solutions
Axestrack has been making fleet operations more seamless every day via bringing in more features to their Digital Logistics Platform. For instance, Control Tower has been upgraded with AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to address the inefficiencies posed by the single tracking mechanism i.e. GPS/ Telematics for vehicles en-route and improve tacking accuracy levels to 99%. Thus, increasing the end-to-end visibility, responsiveness, and intelligence.

The AI powered Control Tower now has a special module - “Traffic Management” which empowers control tower operatives to make informed decisions based on AI driven suggestions by the system. Using the data science and large data sets of roads, dhabas, fuel station, police stations, emergency services and historical data of truck movements/stoppages across India, the AI module now can predict and suggest whether the unidentified location is an “unloading/loading” point. Similarly, it can also predict and suggest the potential “stoppage” points and potential areas where market fleet trucks would be taking “loads” based on the data science.

Further, a review mechanism also helps the control tower operatives to take advice from the supervisor to close the decision making. Governance and escalation mechanisms have been developed to monitor the overall performance of the fleet, thus bringing the efficiency close to 99%. Such capabilities have helped customers to address unforeseen situations that can jeopardize the fleet and in turn, the company’s reputation.

The AI powered Control Tower’s mantra is simple – “remove guess work, significantly improve fleet visibility, and achieve operational excellence”, as stated by Rahul YadavFounder & Executive Director, Axestrack.

Take the case of stranded drivers during lockdown. Axestrack’s AI powered Traffic Management module was not only able to identify the true cases of stranded drivers but also enabled control tower executives to direct drivers/transporters to move vehicles to recommended near-by locations from where drivers could be sent home or basic supplies could be made available to them.

Another powerful feature is compliance against ETA predictability. An ETA is dependent on vehicle type, speed, load, road elevations, and many other influencing factors. The AI enables control tower executives to take a better vantage point on the monitoring and trigger interactions directly with the driver to understand the exact scenario affecting the delay. Given the criticality of the operation platform provides great levels of automation to improve productivity of control tower executives.

Control Tower is becoming a necessity and imbibing it with modern technologies like AI takes the capabilities to the next level.

Saving Lives with Technology
To do their bit for the safety of the drivers who take considerable risk to transport goods & accessories, Axestrack has built special data solutions viz a viz routes & maps for drivers and the fleet owners. Parameters like how many containment zones did the driver pass on his route, whether or not the driver made any stops in those containment zones and if made what was the duration; all such data points are recorded in the solution. Thus, the material, vehicle and, most importantly the driver can be requested by the fleet owner to get sanitized, disinfected or quarantined as per the requirements, before receiving the delivery and then get ready for the next consignment if any. More so, in such a first-of-its kind solution during this appalling crisis, Axestrack’s solution has its internal route optimization module that helps fleet owners to identify best & most economic alternate routes to drivers who want to avoid the containment zones. This alternate route considers the fuel costs incurred while rerouting and presents a route with minimum differential cost. Taking the innovation at workplaces a notch higher, Axestrack has developed an Android & iOS based App for the logistics workforce, which enables them to maintain social distancing at work. Fetching its capabilities from Android apps, this app sends a vibration on the user’s handheld device whenever a distance of 2 metres is breached, indicating that the user must go no further. This also allows the corporate to assess the number of times
social distancing is breached and accordingly implement measures to keep their employees safe and the business running.

Decision Making Redefined with DOST/Logistics’ ERP
To survive and grow successfully in logistics industry companies need to have an ability to flexibly adjust the logistics work-flow process, operations, and information flow along with extended logistics rules and regulations. While industry giants in the fleet operations domain have it good, with large scale ERP solutions, the small & medium sized companies struggle to keep up with the competition.

Axestrack’s DOST (Digital Operations for Smart Transportation) or often called simply, Logistics’ ERP that caters to the operations management need in keeping the accounts & finances of the fleet owner. DOST incorporates various strategies suited to an enterprise and helps with decision making at crucial levels. It is an AI-driven powerful solution that has capabilities like E-PoD, E-Way Bills, E-Biddings, Challans and can generate, manage & optimize trips/freight costs based on key rules set by the client & included within the algorithm.

As part of our larger vision, we are here to make a digital connection between three key components of supply chain, man, machine and material, and we are getting there with the help of our trusted partnerships with customers

Axestrack has also revolutionized how documents are verified, shared and presented. The ERP module of Axestrack allows the fleet owner to simply click a picture of the document via the device and upload the image onto the platform. The inbuilt proprietary AI engine of Axestrack double verifies the issue date & time, thereby completely sparing the fleet owner off the onus of verification, validation and eligibility of the documents.

The platform is also integrated with the FastTags, which helps to triangulate the vehicles approximate location in situations where the signal is lost or negligible. This, supported by the maps which consist of police stations, fuel pumps, emergency etc., helps in accurately evaluating the trip’s cost for the consigner based on the stops made by the driver.

All in all, Axestrack has truly attended to every single need of fleet owners right from the Telematics, through Traffic Management, ERP, Command centre, to finally the quintessential Digital solutions to survive the drag-downs of COVID.

Implementing Innovative Solutions Using the Modern Technology
Studying the logistics industry can unveil the curtains to a host of innovative concepts that can be designed & implemented to enhance business productivity. Especially in times like these, when innovators must come forth to devise new methods to conduct business, it is imperative that we keep an open mind towards change. Axestrack have time & again proved their out-of-the-box approach to problems. The company has not just met the expectations of the industry, but has gone a notch higher by developing a myriad of data solutions. While the COVID maps & routes is one such data solution, Axestrack also offers a Connected Employee solution, wherein employees are automatically logged in as soon as they connect to the employer’s WiFi. This solution also allows having a geo fence built around the employees to help keep a track on the net working hours. More so, the operational task management module enables tasks to be assigned to individuals in a systematic way which, again allows to keep a track of the job done or that is pending.

People at the Center
A fair share of the Axestrack’s innovative approach goes out to the highly experienced top management and the great team. “We work with our customers to not only address their current business problems but also help them grow and accomplish their larger goals of serving the industry and people. Our solutions are democratized in the form of by the people, for the people and with the people”, says Jagmeet Singh, CEO.

Jagmeet also goes on to explain about Axestrack’s foundational philosophies. “Our founders and promoters, Rahul and Priya, have always believed in employees as a family. They have been our guiding force, mentors and the torch bearers in driving our vision and mission. It is to them we owe our gratitude to help us continue moving forward with great zeal and zest.” adds Jagmeet.

The firm is also the first to coin the term ‘Workforce Recession’, to highlight the logistics challenges due to migrant workers and how these can be addressed. Debunking the myth that Supply Chain can evolve into a human-independent process, Axestrack, not giving up on the grassroots of the logistics industry i.e. the People, has set examples as to how technology and manpower can coexist.

“We understand and embrace the fact that we are working in an ecosystem, where an equal amount of care has to be given to our employees and stakeholders (fleet owners, drivers etc.). Our work around digital solutions forms the crux of our efforts to simplify things”, adds Jagmeet.

AxesTrack’s values remain central to the culture of the company where people make decisions with the help of technology.

“Our investments and vision are clear on digital for supply chain. We aim to influence the ecosystem with a single version of digital truth by using modern technologies”

Post COVID experience is redefining the way we interact for business purposes. A productive remote work environment is difficult to achieve without a solid tool like PRIME or EASE, which are in house implemented solutions now transforming mid to large scale transport & logistics companies. Remotely managing employees, tasks, campaigns, and other processes is not an easy job with human elements dominating the overall experience. Axestrack designs for people who are innovative and far sighted in their approach, paving the way for the industry to grow further and faster.

In the years to come, Axestrack assures to keep their spirit high and introduce more people friendly logistics solutions to keep every stakeholder in the value chain satisfied and hopeful for the best in business productivity & profitability.