EcoCosmo: Delivering Scalable Fleet Management Solutions with Anti Theft Detection System

CIO Vendor The global Fleet Management market is expected to have remarkable growth in the coming years, owing to the fleet owners’ growing focus on fleet effectiveness. Some of the major advantages offered by Fleet Management Software include increased security and optimized fleet activities with real-time tracking and fleet monitoring. Therefore, Fleet Operators not only look for fleet management solutions with these advantages but also solutions that are scalable, easy to use without learning curve with zero downtime, generate meaningful reports, and provision of APIs to support third-party applications.

One such company that excels in providing Fleet Management solutions is Pune headquartered EcoCosmo. EcoCosmo offers an advanced Fleet Management solution that not only meets the aforementioned requirements but also provides full ‘cash-free’ payment gateway support with a licensing system. Fleet management, a man-power oriented industry, can gain tremendous benefits from the integration of mobile app development into their logistics processes.

User-friendly UI
The software has been designed in such a way that it supports any new GPS manufacturer device with minimal testing. EcoCosmo not only provides user-friendly UI for Android, iOS, and web applications but also promotes APIs for third parties to develop customized solutions of their own. The company has provided push and pull customized APIs for clients such as NicerGlobe, redBus, Routematic, SISIndia, and Mahamining.

Accurate and meaningful data
EcoCosmo focuses on supporting huge amounts of devices with accurate
and meaningful data with zero downtime for servers. Hence, it has implemented Amazon cloud with customized Linux servers on core C++ language with message Queues to avoid loss of data. EcoCosmo also supports scalability.

“Currently, we are supporting 86 plus GPS devices from different manufacturers and our software is scalable enough to support 1 lakh devices on a single server,” says Virendra Dhabale, CEO of EcoCosmo.

Proactively identifying the theft of a vehicle
One of the biggest threats to any fleet owner is Vehicle theft and in India, a massive number of vehicles are stolen every year with a very limited recovery rate, which is due to the significant amount of time it takes to recover lost vehicles. This is where EcoCosmo’s Security Guard Management solution comes to the rescue of Fleet Owners. This solution comes with a unique alerts and maps feature that help in proactively identifying the theft of a vehicle. The most stunning feature of this solution is that in case of theft, the vehicle can be tracked or even stopped. By using GPRS, EcoCosmo’s start and stop engine can be both started and stopped on a single click, through its app. Even if the device is removed after the vehicle has been stolen, the vehicle owner can still detect the location of where the device was exactly removed and this device runs on battery for 4 to 6 hours even after disconnection. The EcoCosmo app can be downloaded and used on both the android and iOS platforms.

Future road map
EcoCosmo serves a wide range of clients such as Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Cognizant, Autos Origin, Routematic, Mahindra, Highbar Technocrat, Bharat Electronics, Asian Paints, Mother Dairy and IdeaVodafone.

Currently, the company is in the process of providing localization support for all of its applications. Moving ahead, the company is in the plans of launching the Ultrasonic fuel sensor solution in PAN India by end of 2020 and a separate premier version for fleet solution for the corporate sector and international market by 2021.