Purple Global Services: Enabling Improved ROI through Digitization of Fleet Operations

Telematics has completely transformed the way fleets are managed, compelling businesses to invest in technology-based systems so as to effectively utilize their assets at optimal costs. According to research report by MarketandMarkets, the global fleet management market size is expected to become USD 31.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 14.7 percent. However, a large number of businesses still face variety of challenges while digitizing fleet operations owing to poor understanding of problems in managing the fleet. Hence, businesses are in lookout for a reliable technology partner who can understand their unique problems and deliver relevant solutions.

Customizable Solutions Catering to Customers’ Unique Needs
Clearly understanding the concerns of businesses, Purple Global Services, a company headquartered in Hyderabad comes into the picture offering a comprehensive suite of telematics solutions including fleet management systems, intelligent taxi dispatch systems, car rental applications, speed limiters, etc., helping them reduce costs and increase productivity. “Most of the companies are actually not aware of what the problem is, perhaps they are just aware of the symptoms of the problem. We engage with customers, understand their issues and provide them with solutions that help to solve their problems and improve ROI. We do not limit ourselves to be just a service provider that deliver technology systems; instead we act as an integral part of client’s extended team adding to their core business by improving both top line and bottom line,” informs Sonal Abbi, Director, Purple Global Services.

The company recently designed and developed an app, Unmaze, to help battle the unfortunate pandemic Covid19. The feature-rich application assists the end-user with automated alerts and predicts ‘at risk’ individuals thus empowering citizens to take preventive action in the event the user is in vicinity of quarantined sites/individuals. It is currently a pilot project in close to six countries and is one of the world’s only rapid-deployment solution that equips health organisations and other related government institutions real workable data on the movement of people in real-time.
Additionally, the company’s product portfolio comprises of various products namely EAGLE, a solution suitable for fleet management and tracking, geo-fencing, asset tracking, driver identification and driver behaviour monitoring, toll management and automotive internet gateways; PURPLE TRACKER, a comprehensive web-based fleet management business solution; PURPLE DISPATCH, a flexible modular and scalable automated dispatch solution; and PURPLE LEASE, a solution specially designed for the car rental and leasing companies. These solutions can easily be integrated with third party systems such as ERPs, and Salesforce CRM, enabling businesses to add extra value with minimal investments. The company also adds different modules to its products depending on the client’s requirements.

We engage with customers, understand their issues and provide them with solutions that help to solve their problems and improve ROI

Purple Global Services solutions cater to the needs of diverse business verticals such as taxi operators, emergency and ambulance organisations, military and police fleets, oil and gas companies, ready-mix concrete companies, security companies, buses and truck management companies, schools, car rental and leasing service companies, government departments, waste management companies, etc. Embracing the latest technological advancements, the company is investing a lot in the R&D to create specific modules for different business verticals using emerging technologies such as IoT, RPA, etc. “We provide services not just across India, but also to various markets across the globe including UAE, Europe, North America, South America and Africa. This is a testimony to our expertise and commitment in helping clients address their problems using technology,” concludes Rocheet.