Super Shuttle Logistics: Building a Strong Passenger Transport

The car rental and leasing industry is one of the fastest growing segments in the logistics sector of India. Minimum maintenance and less cost burden is attracting consumers to opt vehicle-on-demand facilities. In addition to that, the organized car rental and leasing market are still miniature in comparison to rest of the car rental market in India. Serving to the requirements of clients with centralized and comprehensive solutions for all kind of mobility needs, Super Shuttle Logistics has established as a passenger transport service company. Founded in 2001, the company has footprint across India with a clock-over of 10 million rides annually. By rendering a predictive management approach, Super Shuttle takes-in every small aspect into consideration to ensure a better travel experience for the users.

Super Shuttle provides end-to-end service with fully automated process and outsourcing of the help desk, technology, escorts, and parking management

Client expectations have evolved by leaps in fleet management sector. The conventional ways of manual processes have been replaced by technological advancements and eased the work of routing, trip sheet preparation, and tracking live updates on vehicle locations. Super Shuttle provides end-to-end service with fully automated process and outsourcing of the help desk, technology, escorts, and parking management. This impressive offer has gained wide acceptance, as it helps clients to meet cost targets and thereby able to optimize and utilize the fleet more effectively.

“Though there are alternatives like metro, buses & trains which are cheaper, customers are willing to shell extra. The reason is reliability and the provision for a swift travel mode. This keeps employees safe, comfortable, and productive at work,” says Ajay Dalchand Gupta, Managing Director, Super Shuttle Logistics.
Super Shuttle has a fleet of cars that range in all segments depending on the city of service. It maintains a garage where vehicles are reported for upkeep and dispatch. The company has won the trust of long lasting clientele and employees during these years. As per Ajay, the Managing Director, the company adheres to transparency and exchange of ideas with clients to help them in meeting the requirements.

Talking About the Industry Challenges
The plight of drivers is often forgotten in the discussions for the development of car rental industry. Inconsistent rates, monopolization, and lack of rationale in rate slash cause ripple effects in the already vulnerable end of drivers and fleet partners. In the case of fleet partners, this results in inadequate income, lack of respect in social circle & workspace, and insecurity in profession.

“Most entrepreneurs agree to serve clients at nonviable rates due to cut throat competition and thereby deprive their drivers of the rightful dues. This leads to bouncing of EMI, operating vehicles with expired insurances, and due in road permit fees. There should be an association invested in the long term interest of the car rental industry,” opines Ajay.

The Road Ahead
Super Shuttle looks forward to increase its footprint by transforming into an end-to-end service provider in fleet management. The company has marked its presence in 14 cities including tier-I & II, and is intended to penetrate further across tier-III cities.