Uffizio: GPS Tracking for a Routine Need

CIO Vendor The scope of GPS tracking is increasing gradually as it has found useful in fleet management and related fields. Safety is considered to be the most sought-after aspect in fleet management. Different sectors including school bus fleet and transportation businesses are relying on fleet tracking software. A cutting-edge fleet management is a necessity for those who use vehicles for routine needs. Uffizio, a GPS Tracking Software Development company, headquartered in Gujarat, serves immensely to the security aspect in fleet management. The company identifies a flourishing market in India and has a global presence in GPS tracking and fleet management solution.

Nowadays, fleet management encompasses not just live tracking, but the provision for substantial analytics including driver’s behavior, fuel management, and more. Uffizio provides complete customization as per the requirement, churning-out the best customer experience. The GPS tracking system provided by the company enables an array of web map services and has developed own Uffizio Map available with native GIS service. “The expenditures for fleet management system are perceived as a cost, but yet, it is where companies need to focus,” says Mr. Tushar Bhagat, Director, Uffizio.

Products Designed for Special Needs
Trakzee is a platform with advanced fleet management features such as device inventory, tyre inventory, maintenance and service reminders. Trakzee bears most features required for an ideal fleet management system such as harsh driving, over speeding, and unwanted stoppages. Moreover, Trakzee also provides immobilize functionality for threat prevention and alerts for any suspicious movement of the vehicle after it is parked.

SmartBus is specially designed for both the school management as well as parents to know the whereabouts of the students. Btrack Parent, a dedicated app for parents, pushes notification alerts to parents as their child boards the school bus, reaches the school, and for drop trips. Both parents and school management receives live location of the school bus and get notified for route deviations.
Taskeye is a platform for field employees and managers. Here, the platform makes neither of them rely on one another to perform a task or assign. The employees are also enabled with the option to add voice notes, text notes and images. Activities can be recorded and let manager monitor them from anywhere using the web platform. Moreover, Taskeye comes with the provision to add expenses of the employees which will get notified to the managers to do the needful regarding any reimbursements.

Innovations for the Future
“Recently, we have integrated two devices into our GPS tracking software to help and track Covid-19 patients, namely Wristband tracking device and Social distancing alert tracking device,” states Tushar.

The expenditures for fleet management system are perceived as a cost, but yet, it is where companies need to focus

As the Government of India has been taking ample steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, it has turnedout that tracking people who are in quarantine or self-isolation is of a greater need. After observing the need, Uffizio has come-up with a smart wristband integrated with GPS tracking software which has features including 24x7 live tracking, geofencing proximity, location reporting, and centralized monitoring.

As social distancing has become another norm, its practicality falls short at some points. Uffizio has also devised a solution for such issues by planting its GPS tracking software in a tracking ID cardholder device. It acts as a constantly operating proximity meter, where one can set the distance between two devices.

Two decades into the business in India, Uffizio has grown rapidly focusing on own production. The company has developed software with advanced features which are sold globally in B2B business. As per Tushar, the faith and recognition earned by Uffizio from the customers worldwide is its biggest revenue.